Admission open 2018-19 from Nursery to IX & XI (Science,Commerce & Humanities). New Subjects Introduced *Fine Art *Geography *Painting *Music *Informatics Practice


Mathematics syllabus in SPSS is not only confined to the theoretical approach but also towards the practical as well as activity based approach. Activity based teaching from lower classes onwards have developed an interest for the subject amongst the students, thus making learning permanent. SPSS has one of the best Mathematics laboratories in Kota City.

Through the subject, students are able to solve a range of practical tasks & real life problems.

With these efforts of the Mathematics department, SPSS students are able to develop scientific aptitude & reasoning. Building up will power & creating interest amongst the students for the subject has encouraged the students to participate & secure positions in National Mathematics Olympiad. SPSS Mathematics department tries to remove the fear of Mathematics amongst the students, thus making learning more interactive and exciting.